Norma Foulkes -WIS School Counselor


I was trained at the University of British Columbia in Canada and I received my B. Ed in Education and M. Ed in Counseling Psychology. I worked as a School Consultant in the Vancouver area of Canada and also as a registered Clinical Counselor in a private practice for many years. My travels have taken me to International Schools in Turkey, Australia, Romania and finally Poland.

I previously worked as the school counselor at WIS from 2007 until 2009. I left and returned to my home in Vancouver, BC. I spent 18 months there and I am really delighted to be returning to the position of School Counselor again at WIS.

I will be working on both campuses, and this year I am fortunate to have an office in both schools.

My goals are to help students and parents transition from their country into Poland. I enjoy helping families adjust, and I also enjoy helping students become responsible, respectful individuals.

I work both in the classroom as well as seeing individuals on a one to one basis. I truly believe that taking a proactive approach, as well as a solution based approach, helps the school community to be both successful in their relationships as well as their academic endeavors.

I am looking forward to working with you all. Have a good Year!