Counselling Corner

My name is Norma Foulkes, or Ms. Norma as the children in Wroclaw International School call me. I work on both Zielinskiego and Beyzyma campus and here are some of the programmes that I provide for children and parents.

The WIS Counselling Program seeks to provide the full range of counselling services necessary to ensure that each child has the strongest support possible for maximum growth on an educational and a personal level. The programme consists of elementary, middle school and high school programs.

Elementary and Middle School Counselling Program


WIS believes that a good education is not only an academic one, it also considers the whole child. We work hard to develop students’ social and emotional potential, and therefore offer a comprehensive counselling program. Counselling services are accessible to all students and their families.

The Main Elements of the elementary school counselling program are:

  • Whole-class programmes to support teachers in helping children to develop tolerance, respect, integrity, empathy, cooperation, and to be caring, open-minded, principled, and well-balanced young people.

  • Group work on an as-needed basis to address such areas as: social skills, anger management, and assertiveness training.

  • Individual counselling sessions.

  • Family and parent work.

  • Parent training and groups to cover topics such as: parenting skills, managing transition, encouraging responsibility in your child.

  • Placement and orientation of children when they join the school.

  • Transition programmes for parents and children.

Please feel free to talk to me any time. I can be reached by phoning either of the WIS campuses. The secretaries there will contact me and I in turn will contact you.

Kind Regards,

Norma Foulkes